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UK universities could face a crisis in the wake of a no-deal Brexit. 

No-deal Brexit impacts on UK universitiesGiulia Basana

Single mothers in London are held back in their careers and trapped in low-paid roles. While there are local charities and organisations to help them progress in their career, more action from London authorities is required. 

Single mothers Giulia Basana


The number of rough sleepers in Croydon has skyrocketed in the past year. Homelessness doesn't necessarily mean not having a roof over your head but also being subject to discrimination and insecurities.

With local councils suspected to use covert surveillance to spy on their residents, I investigated the ethical and privacy concerns behind it.

The Wickers Charity aims to protect young adults from knife crime by organising activities in a nice and safe environment. But what else can be done?

During my third year at university, we simulated a day in a newsroom with the aim of experimenting with different roles in broadcasting and producing TV and radio news programmes. I had the chance to be a deputy editor (twice), a presenter and reporter. Here's a two-minute glimpse of my work.


As part of my final BA Journalism university project, I investigated the issues behind the foster care crisis. I presented my work in an easy-to-read and interactive way, using explanatory graphics, audio, video and personal accounts.

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