Here I explore current affairs and social issues in a news-package-format. These videos were edited with Adobe PremierePro by me. 

The number of rough sleepers in Croydon has skyrocketed in the past year. Homelessness doesn't necessarily mean not having a roof over your head but also being subject to discrimination and insecurities.

The Wickers Charity aims to protect young adults from knife crime by organising activities in a nice and safe environment. But what else can be done?

With local councils suspected to use covert surveillance to spy on their residents, I investigated the ethical and privacy concerns behind it.

During my third year at university, we simulated a day in a newsroom with the aim of experimenting with different roles in broadcasting and producing TV and radio news programmes. I had the chance to be a deputy editor (twice), a presenter and reporter. Here's a two-minute glimpse of my work.


As fitness enthusiast, I enjoy creating and filming workouts, which can be done either at home, in a park or at the gym.